Be Extraordinary.
Be your Lighthouse.



The decision about making the step from being a highly promising young talent to becoming a professional isn’t made overnight. The critical period of time can be as much as four years, often between the ages of 15 and 19. 

Based on several years of personal experience and extensive expertise in elite international football, with Lighthouse – Partners for Life we created a four-year programme, individually tailored to you, which will accompany you through this important time and prepare you for your journey into professional sport in the best possible way.

The Process:

Year 1:
Do I really want my career to be in football?

Year 2:
How far have I come on my career path?

Year 3:
How ready am I for professional football?

Year 4:
Have I become tough enough to be able to draw up my full potential?



Have you arrived at that place that everyone wants to get to? Have you utilised your individual potential to the maximum? And, most important of all, are you, where you want to be?

Together, through intensive discussions with you, we want to find answers to these questions. We will define in detail, what you need and together we will put measures in place which will help you to grow into that professional who is able to reach the goals set.


“Paul was always very professional. He always had the highest standards regarding nutrition, recovery, mindset, concentration and focus. He was always ready to give his all in terms of performance. He monitored everything, his technical training, his activities, he had clear goals, even his contracts were carefully thought through, as indeed were his afternoons after training. Every tiny detail in his life was geared towards high performance. Players have to understand that they can control and influence lots of things in their lives. Paul was always someone who did all he could to make sure that he was always able to call on 100% of the personal resources he needed to perform to his maximum.”


Head Coach of Belgium’s national team
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