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Core Team

“I founded Lighthouse – Partners for Life because I was able to experience the value of having personal guidance and support for the duration of my active playing career. Having this support was the only way, that I was able to fully realise my potential as an individual in the team sport of professional football. I now feel a need to pay my positive experiences forward and to lift individual guidance and support in football up to a new, higher level.”

Paul Scharner


Born: 11.03.1980
Married to Marlene, 5 children
Professional playing career 1998 – 2013
Positions played: defensive midfield, centreback

2013 English FA Cup winner with Wigan Athletic
Record number of appearances for an Austrian player in the English Premier League (221 appearances, 21 goals)
40 appearances for Austrian National Team
Austrian ChampionsMedal 2003
Austrian Cup Winners Medal 2003
Norwegian Cup Winners Medal 2004

“Working successfully in Footfball business means saying “yes” to an extraordinary, exciting and responsibly led life, but also a clear “no” to all those alternatives and distractions – this is for the athlete, but it affects his family as well. To accompany a career can be a wonderful, co-working process which in the best case leads into fulfilment of personal and family goals and visions.”

Marlene Scharner


Born: 10.11.1980
Married to Paul: 5 children
Em-Trace Coach in training
Strategy and Quality Management
Self-employed Ringana Partner

As a „partner for life” of a successful professional sportsman and mother of young talents heading into a sports career I gained first-hand experience in supporting for over 20 years. My wide range of experiences formed the heartfelt wish to stand aside families and couples throughout this exceptional stage of life.

Our Experts

„Not everything that causes pain needs an operation but has a reason why it is painful.!

Dr. med.
Alexander Mildner

Sport medicine

The Viennese sports medicine specialist has more than 15 years of experience in trauma surgery and has worked out many successful cooperations with notable Austrian clubs, eg. for more than 20 years with FK Austria Vienna. From 2017 to 2019 he was head of Optimamed rehab hospital Raxblick and sports medicine specialist in the ÖFB U21 team. Alexander Mildner and Lighthouse – Partners for Life are driven by the same ambition – both want to care for athletes in a holistic, enduring and individual way to lift their specific abilities to the next level. Dr. Mildner cares for the exceptional professional athlete as well as for the elderly lady next door. He is keen on a healing process that takes training into consideration as this is mostly promising to get the musculusetal system back to performance level.

„When it comes to professional athleticism, longterm planning of trainings, development and vision has to be the focus! Not short term success!”

Georg Mrkvicka Bakk.


Form many years now, Georg Mrkvicka is successfully working as an instructor at the BSPA (college for sports and health teachers and instructors). Even more so he is a well known and good booked speaker in a lot of FAs and institutions (ÖFB, ÖSV, VSO….). Because of the mixture of wide theoretical knowledge and hands on experience in many different sports (sailing, tennis, golf, hockey, handball,…) he is considered to be one the top speakers about sports science and coaching in Austria. In our cooperation with Lighthouse – Partners for life, Georg develops strategies to sustain general fitness and teaches how this helps preventing injuries. For our high performance athletes, he creates and conducts individual trainings sessions focusing on the very special skills professional football is demanding.

„I appreciate every person and his special relationship to his body. This, combined with my holistic approach allows healing to come naturally.”

Birgit Frimmel

Body consciousness

Birgit Frimmel is an ambitious therapist and teamplayer. Her work with professional sportspeople taught her to handle and cure injuries quickly and efficiently because of high pressure on the athletes to recover as quick as possible. Birgit has successfully implemented many well recognised additional therapeutic approaches in her programme, with one of these – podotherapy – she has even been involved in the process of development.

Working with “LH – partners for life”, Birgit does tests on body disbalances, advises clients therapy wise and fits individual, specific shoe inlays for everyday or sportive usage.

She is determined to get people back to a more sportive lifestyle as she strongly believes that health is tied to being in motion. Together with her motivated team she accompanies all kind of people during their journey into a healthier life.

Herbert Schandl

Body Consciousness

Former weightlifter and powerlifter Herbert Schandl plays an essential role in the Austrian weightlifting community and is the most professional instructor in barbell training in Austria. Until 2015 he worked as coach for the Austrian team, since 2013 he teaches instructors and coaches in his position as a consultant of the ÖGV: In addition to that he is a recognised speaker in national as well as international congresses. In cooperation with “LH – Partners for Life” Herbert Schandl is examining the athletes individual strengths tests.

“Science can create health”

Biogena Diagnostics

Sports Medicine

Being successful in football on a highly professional level demands for a status quo analysis and regular check-ups of all relevant factors of health and body functions. One of these well recognised parameters is our blood. An extensive analysis processed by partner labs and doctors of Biogena makes eventually existing lows in supply clear. The analysis is followed by a discussion of the results which allows efficient and adequate supplementation with micro nutrients.

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